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1. George Washington
2. Dr. Seuss
3. Bugs Bunny
4. Positron
5. Bear Grylls
6. Steve Irwin
7. Nintendo
8. Neville Long bottom
9. Female centaurs
10. The soft spot on the skull
11. Popeye
12. Rudyard Kipling
13. Peseta and Lira
14. Mercury
15. First Schedule
Young World Quiz (February 22, 2011)
Legendary : Crocodile Hunter.
1. Name the first President of the United States of America whose birthday is being celebrated on February 22.
2. Name the popular author born Theodor S. Geisel who took his middle name as his pen name.
3. Which famous rabbit was born in 1940 in Brooklyn, New York in a warren under Ebbets Field, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers?
4. What is the antiparticle or the antimatter counterpart of the electron called?

Everyone's favourite : Pokemon.
5. Name the popular British adventurer, writer and television presenter who is also a Chief Scout.
6. If he were alive, the fabled Australian known as the ‘Crocodile Hunter' would have celebrated his birthday on this date. Name him.
7. Which video game company owns the popular ‘Pokemon' franchise?
8. At whose hands does Nagini meet her death in the final chapter of The Deathly Hallows?
9. In Greek myth, who are the Centaurides?
10. If you were touching the ‘fontanelle'(Membranous space in an infat’s skull at the angles of the parietal bones) in a newborn human, which part are you touching?

From the movie :Deathly Hallows.
11. In cartoons, who is the most famous son of Poopdeck Pappy?
12. Which famous writer, with India connections, termed the Khyber Pass as ‘a sword cut through the mountains'?
13. What was the currency used in Spain and Italy before the adoption of the Euro?
14. Which element is responsible for the ‘Minimata' disease?
15. Which schedule of the Constitution of India lists the names of States and specifies their territories?

Young World Quiz (February 15, 2011)

Flying high :The Brahminy kite.

1. Whose birthday is celebrated as President's Day in the U.S.?
2. Recently Sark in the Channel Islands was declared as the world's first..?
3. Before playing for Chelsea and Liverpool, for which club did Fernando Torres play?
4. Which is the only other move in chess, apart from promotion, where the player moves two pieces at the same time?
5. According to Stephen Hawking, which famous Italian, whose birthday (according to the Julian Calendar) is being celebrated on February 15, perhaps more than any other single person, was responsible for the birth of modern Science.
6. Which major sea borders Serbia?

1. George Washington;
2. ‘Dark sky island';
3. Atlético Madrid;
4. Castling;
5. Galileo Galilei;
6. No sea because it is a landlocked country!;
7. Garuda;
8. Superman;
9. Mumbai (Bombay);
10. Cairo;
11. Absolute Humidity;
12. Maharashtra;
13. Mole;
14. The Prime Minister;
15. Sunil Dutt, her husband.

Torres :Now with Chelsea.

7. In India, the Brahminy Kite is considered the contemporary representation of which mythical character?
8. British actor Henry Cavill is to play which popular superhero in the next film to feature the character?
9. Which team won 15 back-to-back Ranji Trophy titles from 1958–59 to 1972–73 and is the most successful in the history of the championship?
10. Tahrir Square or Midan Tahrir which has been in the news recently is in which Capital city?
11. In meteorology, the mass of water vapour in the atmosphere per unit of volume of space is called…?
12. The musical form called Abhang originated in which modern Indian State?
13. What is the term used for the number of individual atoms in exactly 12 grams of the most common form of carbon?
14. Who would you meet if you went to 10 Downing Street in London?
15. In the classic “Mother India”, one of the actors who played Nargis' son became related to her in real life. How?

Young World Quiz (February 08, 2011)

1. Queen Elizabeth II;
2. Blue and Black;
3. Shuffle, Classic, Touch and Nano;
4. Kushinagar;
5. Kazakhstan;
6. Dr. Black;
7. Six;
8. Elysian Fields;
9. INXS;
10. Archbishop of Canterbury;
11. It is the terms for the size limits for ships travelling through the Panama Canal;
12. 120;
13. Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi;
14. Webbed feet;
15. She was the first woman to walk in outer space

A palmiped : What's so special?

1. On this date in 1952, which reigning monarch was proclaimed the queen of her country?
2. Of the five Olympic ring colours, which two start with the same letter of the alphabet?
3. What are the four models in the iPod line called?
4. Name the place in Uttar Pradesh where Gautama Buddha is believed to have attained Parinirvana after his death?
5. Which is the largest of the landlocked countries of Asia?
6. What is the name of the victim in the board game ‘Cluedo'?

The Ferris Brothers : What are they now?

7. How many of the events in decathlon are non-track events?
8. In Greek myth, name the place that was the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous?
9. Which music group was once called ‘The Ferris Brothers'?
10. Who resides at the Lambeth Palace?
11. In the context of navigation vessels, what does ‘Panamax' mean?
12. How many tentacles(Long slunder flexible apendage(Thing attached or adition) of an animal for feeling grasping or moving) among a dozen normal squids?
13. Name the two tennis players who sport ‘Stop War, Start Tennis' t-shirts.
14. What makes a bird a palmiped?
15. Why is a walk made by Svetlana Savitskaya in 1984 part of history?

Young World Quiz (February 01, 2011)

1. Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated during re-entry
2. Mohammad Zillur Rahman
3. A playing technique that involves plucking the strings of an instrument
4. New Zealand
5. 12
6. ‘Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception'
7. Gunpowder
8. Yellow and red
9. A geyser
10. The integumentary system
11. …he keeps.'
12. Edelweiss
13. Sea
14. Canada
15. It is the central approach to the high altar.

St. Peter's Basilica :Where is the nave?

1. What space disaster occurred on this date in 2003 over Texas which also saw the death of an Indian-American?
2. If it is Pratibha Patil for India, who is it for Bangladesh?
3. In music, what is ‘Pizzicato'?
4. Which cricket-playing island nation celebrates Waitangi Day?
5. If a lady gives birth to duodecaplets, how many children would be born?
6. Which is the fourth in the series of Artemis Fowl books?
7. Traditionally, sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate are the main ingredients of..?

Pratibha Patil : Who is her counterpart in Bangladesh?

8. Which two colours are dominant in the flags of Vietnam and Republic of Macedonia?
9. If one was watching the Old Faithful in the US, what was one seeing in action?
10. Skin, hair, fat and nails are part of which system in the human body?
11. Complete the old saying: ‘A man is known by the company…'
12. Which flower's common name from German meaning ‘noble purity' or ‘noble whiteness'?
13. What type of geographical feature on the moon is prefixed with word ‘Mare'?
14. Ashish Bagai would captain and keep wickets for which side in the ICC World Cup later this month?
15. In a church, what is a nave?

Young World Quiz (January 25, 2011)

Brooklyn Bridge : In New York.
1. The Ardennes-Alsace campaign of WWII came to an end on this date in 1945. How is it commonly known?
2. Which Scottish dish is traditionally served with neeps and tatties?
3. The 18th State of India, known for its snowy peaks, will celebrate the 40th year of its formation on January 25. Name it.
4. Which automobile maker makes the Prius?
5. Name the scientist, known for the law that states ‘for a fixed amount of an ideal gas kept at a fixed temperature, pressure and volume are inversely proportional', celebrating his birthday on this date.
6. Which famous institution in Washington DC is made of the Thomas Jefferson Building, John Adams Building and James Madison Memorial Building?
7. How is the ailment(minor illeness or disoder) Rubella better known?
8. To which Italian island should one go to see Mt. Etna?
9. Who was the first from our continent to receive a Nobel Prize in the sciences?
10. Who is the second off-spinner after Muttiah Muralitharan to take 350 Test wickets?
11. Across which river is the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York?
12. Ryugyong is an alternative historic name for which Asian capital city?
13. Bill Gates is the proud owner of the Codex Leicester (also called Codex Hammer). Which multi-faceted genius' scientific writings are contained in that?
14. Which world-famous naturalist, known for research amongst primates, says she was influenced a lot by Tarzan during her childhood?
15. Where can one see I.M. Pei's glass pyramids?

1. Battle of the Bulge;
2. Haggis;
3. Himachal Pradesh;
4. Toyota;
5. Robert Boyle;
6. Library of Congress;
7. German Measles;
8. Sicily;
9. Sir C.V. Raman;
10. Harbhajan Singh;
11. East;
12. Pyongyang;
13. Leonardo Da Vinci;
14. Jane Goodall;
15. Front of the Louvre in Paris.

Young World Quiz (January 18, 2010)]

An emerald :How did become green? Iconic : Jim Morrison.

1. On this date in 1778, who became the first known European to discover what he called ‘Sandwich Islands' and what is it called now?
2. What is Google's tablet-optimised Android 3.0 release called?
3. Name the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh whose birthday falls on this date.
4. Who is the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion?
5. What is the Latin word for ‘meaning of fire'?
1. James Cook and Hawaiian Islands
2. Honeycomb
3. A.A. Milne
4. The Archbishop of Canterbury
5. ‘igneus'
6. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
7. 16
8. Gautam Gambhir ($2.4 million)
9. Chromium and vanadium
10. ‘The Doors'
11. HMV logo
12. Cambridge
13. Madrid
14. Kinect
15. Glasgow

. The reworking of which American classics will see the words ‘injun' and ‘"half-breed' being replaced with ‘Indian' and ‘half-blood'?
7. To which group do the chalcogens belong in the periodic table?
8. Who fetched the highest price at the latest IPL auction?
9. Traces of which two elements give the green tinge to emerald?
10. To which group did the iconic Jim Morrison belong?

The IPL auction :Who won the highest bid?

11. In which famous logo can one see artist Francis Barraud's pet dog Nipper?
12. Which team had the lighter shade of blue in its rowing vest in the famous University Boat race in England?
13. In which European capital can one savour art at the Museo del Prado?
14. Which recently launched innovation from Microsoft was originally known by the code name Project Natal?
15. In which Scottish town was Scrooge McDuck born?

Young World Quiz (January 11, 2010)

May the Force be with you : Happy Birthday.
1. Name the Force India driver celebrating his birthday on this date.
2. Mohammed VI is the present king of which African country?
3. The fine thread or other material used surgically to close a wound or join tissues is called a…?
1. Adrian Sutil
2. Morocco
3. Suture
4. Zaheer Khan in 2008
5. United States, in New York!
6. Tend to forget faces i.e. face blindness
7. Frisbee
8. White
9. She was in the parlour eating bread and honey
10. ‘Maa Telugu Thalliki…'
11. 64 GB
12. Arthropoda
13. Argentina
14. Finger bowl
15. Presence of a skull.

. Who was the last Indian to feature among the coveted Wisden's Five Cricketers of the Year?
King Mohammed :Of which country?

5. In which country was the first international cricket match played?
6. What happens when one has the condition called ‘prosopagnosia'?
7. What is the present common name of the toy once called ‘Pluto Platter'?
8. Originally what was the colour of the strawberries in south America?
9. In the common modern version of the nursery rhyme ‘Sing a song of sixpence', what was the queen doing?
10. What is the official State song of Andhra Pradesh?

Sail through :Catching Pluto's Platter.
11. What is the highest storage capacity in the existing Apple iPad?
12. To which phylum does the prawn belong?
13. If India has the wheel in the centre of the tricolour, which country has the ‘Sun of May'?
14. What is the term used for the bowl of warm water, usually with a lemon piece, used for rinsing one's fingers after the main course of a meal?
15. What makes an animal a craniate(Having a skull or cranium)?

Young World Quiz Questions
1. What was the name of the young girl who wrote to Abraham Lincoln, the U.S. President, asking him to
grow a beard?
2. This famous boy became Pharaoh of Egypt when he was eight years old. What was his name?
3. Who was the young girl, whose diary, written during World War II became world-famous?
4. This French boy invented a system of reading for the blind. What is his name?
5. This young Indian boy in the U.S. became the world’s youngest medical student at the age of 13 years.
His name is?
6. What was the name of the curly-haired moppet of the U.S. who won a special Oscar Award in 1934
when she was only 6 years old?
7. The fall of an apple from a tree first suggested the law of gravitation by a young boy of 16. Who was
8. Which composer started composing music at the age of 5?
9. This teenager became India’s youngest Test cricketer. What is his name and when did he make his
test debut?
10. What was the name of the U.S. girl who wrote to Yuri Andropov, the leader of the U.S.S.R., asking
him to stop the nuclear arms race?
11. Henry VIII is noted for his six wives, but how many children did he have?
12. What is the name of the teenager who became India’s youngest Chess Grandmaster? At what age
did he achieve this feat?
13. This great poet wrote a 6000 words long epic poem when he was 12 years old. What is his name?
14. This famed violinist gave his first public performance at the age of 7. Who was he?
15. In what fields did the following youngsters achieve fame?
(a) Monica Seles (b) Nadia Comaneci (c) Leander Peas (d) U. Srinivas
16. What is the name of the Indian girl who won two gold medals in the Asian Games, Bangkok, 1998?
17. This 5 year old child in the U.S. invented the toy truck. What is his name?
18. Which novel was written by Mary Shelley at the age of 18?
19. Name the twins who were thrown into the Tiber by their uncle but survived and are supposed to have
been suckled by a she-wolf.
20. A 10-year old boy became India’s youngest author when his book “England Tours India” was
published in 1984. Who was he?
Quiz Answers
1. Grace Bedell
2. Tutankhamen
3. Anne Frank
4. Louis Braille
5. Balamurali Krishna Ambati
6. Shirley Temple
7. Isaac Newton
8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
9. Sachin Tendulkar was 16 years, 205 old, when he made his Test debut against England in November
10. Samantha Smith
11. 3
12. Viswanathan Anand was 17 years, 17 days old when he became a Chess Grandmaster in 1987.
13. Lord Alfred Tennyson
14. Yehudi Menuhin
15. (a) Tennis
(b) Gymnastics
(c) Tennis
(d) Mandolin Playing
16. Jyotimoyee Sikdar
17. Robert Patch
18. Frankenstein
19. Romulus and Remus
20. Ashish Jain of Delhi

Young World Quiz (December 14, 2010)
1. On this date in 1960, what happened when Australia's Ian Meckiff was run out in a Test match against the West Indies?
2. What is the superlative feature of the Millau viaduct in France that was officially opened on this date?
3. In cricketing slang, what is the ‘brain bucket'?
4. To which famous music director was Asha Bhonsle married to?
5. Against which opponent did Brian Lara score both his 375 and 400 (not out)?
6. What is pedagogy?
7. Apart from copper, name the other elements in the alloy called gun metal?
8. Which famous band did Kurt Cobain front?
9. What type of a creature is the jerboa?

Pasta : What's it made of?
10. Because of its high protein and gluten content, which type of wheat is mostly used for making pasta?
11. Carmine is vivid shade of which colour: red, blue or yellow?
In China : Money, money, money.
1. The first Tied Test in the history of cricket;
2. It is tallest bridge in the world;
3. The helmet;
4. R.D. Burman;
5. England;
6. The art or science of teaching;
7. Zinc and Tin;
8. Nirvana;
9. A type of hopping desert rodents;
10. Durum;
11. Red;
12. Renminbi;
13. David Copperfield;
14. New Jersey;
15. Atlas and Axis.

2. The official currency of the People's Republic of China is…?
13. Of which Dickensian character is Betsy Trotwood the aunt?

What connects :Spine to the skull
14. In which U.S. State is the prestigious Princeton University?
15. Name the two cervical vertebrae which form the joint connecting the skull and spine

Young World Quiz (December 28, 2010) IInd

. Which of India's neighbours got its Independence from United Kingdom on this date in 1948?
2. Name the French inventor of an eponymous worldwide reading and writing system used by the visually impaired people whose birthday is observed on January 4.

Danny Boyle :What's the latest?

3. Name Oscar-winner Danny Boyle's latest flick for which A.R. Rahman has scored the music.
4. Which place in Tamil Nadu is also referred to as Mayavaram?
5. Name the most distant spacecraft from Earth.
6. What is common to the Kipunji monkey, Bamboo shark and Chan's megastick in the context of the decade gone by?
7. What trait does a person with Kleine-Levin Syndrome exhibit?
8. From which country does the world's largest mobile phone maker come?
9. Which popular deduction board game was devised by Anthony E. Pratt in the late 1940s?
10. Who is presently the longest serving Indian State Governor, appointed way back in November 2004?
11. Where was the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference held recently?
12. Which bizarre-looking and unusually adapted animal has the scientific name Ornithorhynchus anatinus?
13. Which monarch's execution led to the Commonwealth of England in the 17th Century?
14. Which U.S. State has the Union Jack in its flag?
15. Freddy Kruger is a despised villain from which series of horror films?

Young World Quiz (December 28, 2010)

FIFA World Cup : Who scored the winning goal?
1. The beginning of the year saw the tallest structure ever built being opened to the public. What and where?
1. Burj Khalifa;
2. Andres Iniesta;
3. WikiLeaks;
4. Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act;
5. Eyjafjallajokull. It is the volcano that brought air-traffic to a standstill during the year;
6. Sachin Tendulkar became the first male player to score a double century in an ODI;
7. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg;
8. Apple iPad;
9. A. Raja;
10. Chitti;
11. The Andamans;
12. Chile;
13. Saina Nehwal;
14. Volt and Leaf respectively;
15. Copernicium.

. Who scored Spain's winner in the FIFA World Cup final against The Netherlands?
The tallest building : Where is it?
3. Julian Paul Assange has become a hero and villain to many because of his website. Which website did he found in 2006?
4. What landmark law for children came into effect in India on April 1?
5. What is Icelandic for ‘island-mountain glacier'?
6. What international cricketing feat was set at Gwalior on February 24?
7. Which poster-boy of cyberspace was chosen Time magazine's “Person of the Year” recently?
8. Which super-selling gadget launched in April measures 9.56 x 7.47 x .5 inches, has a 25 cm multi-touch display with LED backlighting and weighs about 680-730 grams?
9. In the world of Indian politics, name the MP and former minister who was in the centre of a controversy because of 2G Spectrum allocation.
10. What is the name of the android in the big blockbuster “Endhiran” (“Robot”)?
11. Where in India was “Aka-Bo” spoken, which became an extinct language after the lone speaker died in January?
12. In a classic story of human endurance(Toleration Of hard ship), in which country did 33 miners survive a 69-day subterranean ordeal before being rescued?
13. Who was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna this year?
14. In a big technology breakthrough(An important discovery), electric cars made by GM and Nissan hit the roads. What are they called?
15. Element 112, the highest-numbered element to be officially recognised by the IUPAC, was named after a famous scientist this year. Who?
Answers: 1. ‘Christ's Mass'
2. It is the Hindi term used for Christmas in our country
3. ‘Jingle Bells'
4. Advent
5. 12 days
6. Coca Cola
7. Poinsettia
8. Jacob Marley
9. George Washington
10. Boxing Day (December 26)
11. L. Frank Baum of The Wizard of Oz fame
The programme ‘NORAD Tracks Santa' which purports to follow Santa Claus as he leaves the North Pole and delivers presents around the world
13. In the carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas'
14. Bedford Falls
15. Atal Behari Vajpayee.

oung World Quiz (December 21, 2010)
Christmas classic :It's a wonderful life.
1. The word Christmas is said to be a compound word meaning….?
2. What is the bada din (the big day)?
3. Which famous song, written by James Lord Pierpont,was originally published under the title ‘One Horse Open Sleigh'?
4. The Latin word meaning ‘coming' has given us which term associated with Christmas period?
5. How many days are there in Christmastide?
Santa : The red and white image.
6. Haddon Hubbard Sundblom is credited with creating the modern red and white image of Santa Claus for which iconic brand's advertisements?
7. Which plant with the scientific name Euphorbia pulcherrima is associated with Christmas?
8. Of the four ghosts in “A Christmas Carol”, which one does not have the word Christmas in its name?
9. On Christmas night in 1776, which famous American crossed the Delaware that has been immortalised in a painting by Emanuel Leutze?
10. How is St. Stephen's Day commonly referred to?
Christmastide :How many days?
11. Which famous writer, known for creating a famous fictitious place, wrote “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus” and “A Kidnapped Santa Claus”?
12. Connect the American government agency NORAD to Christmas.
13. Where do Colly Birds, Maids-a-Milking and Gold Rings feature together?
14. In which place is the Christmas classic “It's a Wonderful Life” set?
15. Which Indian Prime Minister celebrates his birthday on December 25?

Young World Quiz (December 07, 2010)

1. Attack on Pearl Harbour
2. Armed Forces Flag Day or the Flag Day
3. Eeylops Owl Emporium
4. Robert Kubica
5. Badger and mole
6. Sir Galahad
7. The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
8. Lawrencium
(after Ernest O. Lawrence)
9. Wildvine
10. Tansen
11. Caspian Sea
12. Mary Poppins
13. Wrist
14. U.S. National Anthem
15. It is in quarantine.
The scaphoid bone : Where is it?
1. Which action by Japan on this date in 1941 made the United States join World War II?
2. India, as a gesture to its defence personnel(The people employed in a organisation or Armed force), observes December 7 as…?
3. Name the shop from where Hagrid purchased Hedwig for Harry Potter?
4. Name the first Polish racing driver to compete in Formula One celebrating his 26th birthday on December 7.
5. In Beatrix Potter stories, what type of animals are Tommy Brock and Diggory Delvet?
6. In Arthurian legend, name the progeny(Off spring of an organism) of Lancelot and Elaine who is one of the three achievers of the Holy Grail.
7. Which tragic incident of April 1919 did the Hunter Commission enquire into?
8. Which element is named after the inventor of the cyclotron particle accelerator?
9. Which Ben 10 alien can launch exploding spore pods from his body?
10. How do we better know the legendary musician Ramtanu Pandey?
11. Into which big body of water does the Volga flow into?
12. Which children's classic starts “If you want to find Cherry Tree Lane…”?
13. Where is the scaphoid bone in the human body?
14. The poem ‘Defence of Fort McHenry' gave the words for…?
1. David Schwimmer;
2. Boer;
3. Doge's Palace;
4. ‘Gurudev' Rabindranath Tagore;
5. Indonesia;
6. Boxing;
7. Handloom weavers;
8. 12 nautical miles;
9. Kannada;
10. Udaipur;
11. Green Arrow;
12. South Dakota;
13. Valentino Rossi;
14. Sleep;
15. Colorado.
5. If a ship is flying a yellow flag, what does it mean?
Young World Quiz (November 02, 2010)

1. Name the actor who played Ross in the hit series ‘Friends' and voiced Melman in ‘Madagascar' celebrating his birthday today.
2. What is the Dutch and Afrikaans word for farmer which is indelibly linked to the civil history of South Africa?
3. How is the ‘Palazzo Ducale' in Venice commonly referred to?
4. Bengalis, nay all Indians, celebrate which great Indian's birthday on ‘Panchishe Baisakh' or the 25th day of Baisakh?
5. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is the current President of which Asian country?
6. The Klitschko siblings, Vitali and Wladimir, have held the world championship titles in which Olymic sport?
7. Sant Kabir Award is given to which type of professionals?
8. How long is the Territorial Waters of India?
9. U.R. Anantamurthy, a Jnanpith Award winner, is a doyen of which Indian language's literature?
10. If one landed at the Maharana Pratap airport, the city would be…?
11. If it is Bruce Wayne for Batman, then for whom is it Oliver Queen?
12. Which State in the U.S. is called ‘Mount Rushmore State'?
13. Which fast Italian on wheels has the nickname ‘The Doctor'?
14. Hypnophobia is the abnormal fear of…?
15. Which river runs through the Grand Canyon?

Young World Quiz (November 09, 2010)

A tale to tell :With its twitching tail.

1. Which Asian country, that has its most famous monument in its flag, celebrates its independence from France on November 9?
2. According to the weather proverb, ‘a rainbow in the morning gives you...'?
3. Name the famous poet, known for writing ‘Sare Jahan Se Achcha', whose birthday is observed in Pakistan on November 9 as a National holiday?
4. The name of which famous city in Gujarat literally translates to ‘Old Fort'?
5. Who is the only Indian to score a century in Tests, ODIs and T20 internationals?
1. Cambodia
2. ‘..fair warning'
3. Muhammad Iqbal
4. Junagadh
5. Suresh Raina
6. Minotaur
7. It is the tallest known volcano and mountain
8. It is a Charm put on wizards and witches who are under 17
9. Montreal
10. Accra. He is a Ghanaian
11. St. Peter. All are Popes
12. Leonardo da Vinci
13. Bangkok
14. A unit of length equal to about 149,597,870.7 kilometres or approximately the mean Earth–Sun distance
15. An aggressive mood.

In the morning : A rainbow.

6. In ancient mythology, the half-man, half-bull kept in a labyrinth on Crete was called…?
7. In the context of our Solar System, what is the record held by Olympus Mons on Mars?
8. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, what is ‘The Trace'?
9. Fill in the name of a North American city in this famous environmental treaty: ‘The _____ Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer'.
10. What would be the Capital of the country from where the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan hails?
11. If St. Linus and St. Anacletus are considered the second and third, then who is considered the first?
12. Which artist's most famous unfinished painting, now displayed in Florence, was ‘The Adoration of the Magi'?
13. Which is the only city to have hosted the Asian Games four times?
14. In space studies, what is AU (or astronomical unit)?
15. What does it indicate when a tiger's tail twitches or wags?

Young World Quiz (November 16, 2010)

1. Tolerance
2. London Eye
3. Land reclaimed from the sea
4. Table Tennis
5. The Tatas
6. Jawaharlal Nehru
7. Sourav Ganguly
8. Hedgehogs
9. Iodine
10. James Bond
11. The Attenboroughs, Richard and David
12. Myanmar (then Burma) and South Korea
13. Snakes
14. Al Gore
15. HSBC.
The Millennium Wheel : For a round trip!

1. In 1995, in order to sensitise people, UNESCO declared November 16 as the International Day for…?
2. By what other common name is the Millennium Wheel in London called?
3. In the Netherlands, what are ‘polders'?
4. If you have won the Swaythling Cup, then in which ball game are you a champion?

Biden and Obama : Clinton and who?

5. Which famous business house owns Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL)?
6. Who was the Indian Prime Minister at the time of Queen Elizabeth's coronation?
7. Before Suresh Raina, who was the last southpaw to hit a century on his Test debut for India?
8. In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which animals were used as balls in the game of croquet?
9. Which element's name is derived from the Greek for violet?
10. Which famous fictional character's family motto is ‘The World Is Not Enough'?
11. Name the surnames of the famous siblings, one known for directing ‘Gandhi' and the other for his nature documentaries including ‘Planet Earth'.
12. Name the two Asian countries which have given the United Nations Secretary Generals.
13. According to folklore/legend, what creature did St. Patrick rid Ireland of?
14. If it is Joe Biden for Barack Obama, then who was it for Bill Clinton?
15. According to its tagline, which is the ‘World's Local Bank'?

1. Israel;
2. Norway;
3. White skin;
4. Long jump;
5. Frederick Forsyth;
6. Wikipedia;
7. Chil;
8. Brazil;
9. Tretayuga;
10. Icarus;
11. Anur Khufos;
12. Chris Gayle;
13. Sid;
14. Bronze Wolf Award;
15. Ireland.
Young World Quiz (November 22, 2010)

Jungle Book : What's the name of the kite?

Jimmy Wales
1. Which is the world's only predominantly Jewish State?
2. Which country's parliament is the Storting?
3. What does Tarzan mean in ape-language?
4. The great Carl Lewis won four consecutive Olympic Gold medals between 1984 and 1996 in which event?
5. Which popular writer's latest novel, about an illegal drug, is The Cobra?
6. Which popular portal was launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger?
7. In Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Book, what is the name given to the kite?
8. From which country does the maker of civil aircraft Embraer come?
9. In which yuga did the Vamana Avatara appear?
10. In Greek myth, who fell to his death because his wax wings melted as he flew too close to the sun?
1. Magnus Carlsen;
2. Salman Rushdie;
3. Spain;
4. Kimchi;
5. Emerald;
6. Budapest. Erno Rubik is a Hungarian;
7. Indira Gandhi;
8. Ear;
9. Mike Myers;
10. Baronetcy;
11. Alfred, Lord Tennyson;
12. Australia;
13. James Potter;
14. Dodo;
15. Checkmate.
1. In Ben 10, from which planet does Benmummy come?
12. Name the latest batsman to score his second triple hundred in Test cricket.
13. What is Tom Sawyer's half-brother's name?
14. Which is the only award the World Scout Committee bestows?
15. Which country's Euro coinage features the harp?
Young World Quiz (November 30, 2010)

Where did they come From?:Reared for wool.
1. Name the Norwegian, who holds record of being the youngest chess player in history to be ranked world No. 1, celebrating his 20th birthday on November 30.
2. Which celebrated author's latest children's book is Luka and the Fire of Life?
3. In which country was the Merino sheep, known for its wool, originally developed?
4. Name the traditional dish which is the most common ‘banchan' or side dish in Korean cuisine.
5. Muzo in Colombia has the mines for choicest specimens of which green gems?
6. Which city would the creator of the Rubik's Cube call as his native country's capital?
7. Who holds the record for being the world's longest-serving female Prime Minister?
8. Looxcie, an innovative camera is being considered one of the big inventions of the year. Where is it placed on the body?
9. Which actor connects ‘Shrek' and Dr. Seuss's ‘The Cat in the Hat'?
10. Which is the only hereditary honour which is not a peerage?
11. Who wrote a popular poem ‘The Kraken' on the sea monster?
12. By total area, which country precedes India to be in the sixth place?
13. In Harry Potter, if Remus Lupin was ‘Moony', then who was ‘Prongs'?
14. Name the archetypal extinct bird that was native to Mauritius.
15. Which sporting term comes from the Persian word meaning ‘the king is dead'?
Young World Quiz (October 05, 2010)

1. Fill in the blank: Since 1994, UNESCO has designated October 5 as the World _____ Day.
2. On this date in 1962, the first ever flick in the popular James Bond series was released. Name it.

Artemis Fowl :Name the fairy metropolis. The making of a legend : The first Bond on screen.

3. A son of Indra in Indian mythology and a son of Loki in Norse myth have similar names. Who?
4. What began in France in 1789 with the convocation(formal assembly or calling meeting) of the Estates-General in May?
5. Name the only country that borders the countries whose capitals are Caracas and Buenos Aires.
6. Rearrange ‘Tavern Items' to get the name of the actor who has played Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther films.
7. Name the Spanish conquistador who is said to have initiated the conquest of the Aztec Empire.
8. Pierre Janssen and Norman Lockyer are credited with discovering which element, thanks to a solar eclipse?
9. Which was the first Summer Olympics host city not to be located either in Europe or the Americas?
1. Teacher's;
2. ‘Dr. No';
3. Vali;
4. French Revolution;
5. Brazil;
6. Steve Martin;
7. Hernan Cortes;
8. Helium;
9. Melbourne (1956);
10. John;
11. The War of 1812;
12. Ketuvim (original Hebrew K'thubhiym);
13. Cesare Prandelli;
14. Three: With The Beatles, Beatles for Sale and The Beatles (White Album);
15. Haven City.

The Beatles :Paul McCartney, George Harrison,
Ringo Starr and John Lennon.
10. What has been the most common papal name in the Roman Catholic Church?
11. The Treaty of Ghent ended which early 19th century war?
12. What is the third and final section of the Tanakh called?
13. Who is the new coach of the 2006 FIFA World Cup champion?
14. How many of 13 albums of The Beatles, contain the name Beatles?
15. In the Artemis Fowl series, which fairy metropolis is the capital city of the Lower Elements?

Young World Quiz (October 12, 2010)
1. Name the African country with Malabo celebrating its Independence from Spain on this date in 1968.
2. Which part of a living being's body does a Craniologist study?
3. In the context of Oceania, what is the claim to fame of Puncak Jaya?
4. Complete the proverb: “You cannot make a silk purse…?
5. What is a regular polyhedron with 20 identical equilateral triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices called?
6. For what specific occasion and for what reason was the Eiffel Tower built? 7. What action of Germany on May 7, 1915 is considered by experts as the prime reason for the U.S. entering WWI?
8. Metrology is the science of…? Eifel Tower : Why was it built?
9. Approximately two-thirds of a person's body weight is made up of a combination of which two elements?
10. Which famous global brand was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden in the early 1940s?
1. Republic of Equatorial Guinea; 2. Skull and its characteristics; 3. It is the highest mountain of the region; 4. …out of a sow's ear”; 5. Icosahedron; 6. It served as the entrance arch to the 1889 World's Fair in Paris; 7. Sinking of the RMS Lusitania; 8. Measurement; 9. Hydrogen and Oxygen (as water); 10. IKEA; 11. San Marion GP; 12. Baby Puss; 13. Volkswagen; 14. Yeti; 15. Tower of London;

1. In which Formula One GP did Ayrton Senna lose his life?
12. Name the Flintstones' pet sabre-toothed cat.
13. Which famous automobile group is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany?
14. Which Himalayan, ape-like creature is likened to the Bigfoot of North America?
15. What is the Queen of England's Royal Palace and Fortress commonly called?
Young World Quiz (October 19, 2010)

All about words : But what scores more? Happy Birthday :Finish first
1. On this date in 2003, which famous Indian was beatified by Pope John Paul II?
1. Mother Teresa;
2. Heikki Kovalainen;
3. Cracker;
4. Pete Sampras;
5. B, C, M and P;
6. California;
7. John Lennon;
8. Dhaulagiri;
9. King James I;
10. Friday;
11. Battle of Trafalgar;
12. Yellow;
13. Jack Nicklaus;
14. Nicholas II;
15. Nicosia.

. Name the Finnish driver of the Lotus Racing team in Formula One celebrating his birthday today.
3. Which word can be used as a synonym for both biscuits and fireworks?
4. Name the last American player to win the men's singles title at Wimbledon.
5. In scrabble, name the four letters having three points.
6. In which U.S. State is the famous Stanford University?
7. Name the Beatle who did not die a natural death.
8. Which of the ‘eight-thousander' mountain's name means ‘White Mountain'?
9. The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was a failed assassination attempt to kill which monarch?
10. According to the nursery rhyme, which day's child is loving and giving?
11. In which battle was Admiral Nelson mortally wounded?
12. What colour is the cross on Sweden's flag?
13. Who has won most number of golfing Majors?
14. Who was the last Emperor of Russia?
15. Which Europian capital city is referred to as Lefkosia or Lefkosa by its residents?

Young World Quiz (October 26, 2010)

Breaking records : A humpback whale. Ben 10 : What is Vilgax

1. Bolivia;
2. Condoleezza Rice;
3. 33 miners for 69 days;
4. Jonathan Edwards;
5. He is a Chimera Sui Generis;
6. Brigadier;
7. Gig;
8. Ireland;
9. A duck;
10. Long John Silver;
11. Bala Kanda;
12. Swimming 6200 miles from Brazil to Madagascar to find a mate, it set the longest distance recorded for any mammal (humans excluded);
13. Subhadra;
14. Liverpool FC;
15. Glamorgan, Lancashire and Northamptonshire
. Juan Evo Morales Ayma celebrating his birthday on this date is the President of which landlocked South American country?
2. Who was the last woman before Hilary Clinton to be U.S. Secretary of State?
3. How many miners were trapped for how many days in a mine in Chile before they were rescued on October 13-14?
4. ‘A Time To Jump' is the autobiography of which former Olympic, Commonwealth, European and World champion?
5. In Ben 10, what type of creature is Vilgax?
6. Which Indian Army rank is above the rank of Colonel?
7. What three-lettered word could mean a music concert or a light two-wheeled carriage?

8. From which country does the entertainment group Riverdance come?
9. What type of a creature is an Indian Runner?
10. Which R.L. Stevenson character was inspired by his friend William Ernest Henley who had lost his lower leg to tuberculosis of the bone?
11. What is the first of the Valmiki Ramayana called?
12. What record did a humpback whale tagged 1363 set recently?
13. In the Mahabharata, who is the mother of Abhimanyu?
14. Which is the most successful English club in European competition, having won five European Cups and three UEFA Cups?
15. Name the three major English counties for which Sourav Ganguly has played?

Young World Quiz (September 14, 2010)

Happy Birthday : Rabindra Ramanarayan Singh. Beautiful: Pearl Of Siberia
1. Name the India international cricketer, born Rabindra Ramanarayan Singh in a foreign country, celebrating his birthday on this date.
2. Name the last U.S. president to serve in the 19th century and the first to serve in the 20th who died on this date after an assassination attempt.
3. Which globally-famous fellow Indian and Bengali said this about Vivekananda: “…if you want to know India, read Vivekananda, in him everything is positive and nothing is negative”?
4. Which famous book is sub-titled “The Parish Boy's Progress”?
5. If Sher Shah's silver coin was Rupiya, what was the gold coin called?
6. The very first Famous Five adventure was called…?
7. The rows of the periodic table are called..?
8. Which is the most abundant of the chemical elements, constituting roughly 75 per cent of the universe's elemental mass?
1. Robin Singh
2. William McKinley
3. Rabindranath Tagore
4. Oliver Twist
5. Mohur
6. Five On a Treasure Island
7. Periods
8. Hydrogen
9. Rabbit or Hare
10. Shrutakirti
11. Areas of sea in Arctic or Antarctic regions which remain unfrozen for much of the year
12. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla
13. Gymnastics
14. Lake Baikal
15. Extra Vehicular Activity

. Leporine is the adjective for which animal?

Sorry! Not what I ordered :Can I have a Neapolitan?

10. In the Ramayana, name the wife of Lakshmana's twin brother.
11. What type of natural phenomena are ‘Polynyas'?
12. The three flavours in a Neapolitan ice cream are…?
13. Boris Shaklin, Vera Caslavska and Larissa Latynina have won more than six Olympic medals in which sport?
14. Which body of water is called “Pearl of Siberia”?
15. In the context of space missions, what does EVA stand for?

Young World Quiz (September 21, 2010)

1. Name the film star from the fabled Kapoor family, nicknamed ‘Bebo', celebrating her birthday on this date.
2. Name the Pakistani cricketer who at 7 ft 1 in recently became the tallest player to play at the international level.

Award : The Golden Lion. Cardamom : From which family? Bactrian camels :what’s different?
1. Kareena Kapoor;
2. Mohammad Irfan;
3. Venice;
4. Belize;
5. Medal of Honor. They are the highest military decorations of the respective countries;
6. The Pope;
7. Weimar Republic;
8. ‘Ode to Joy' by Schiller;
9. Zingiberaceae, or the Ginger family;
10. Shikoku;
11. 24;
12. The Netherlands. It is usually abbreviated as KLM;
13. Spanner;
14. Crimean War;
15. Nine.

. Il Leone d'Oro (The Golden Lion) is the highest prize given to a film at which prestigious film festival?
4. If your capital city is Belmopan and you are celebrating your Independence Day today, in which Central American country are you in?
5. If it is Param Vir Chakra in India, what is it in the U.S.?
6. Who is the spiritual and administrative head of the Catholic Church?
7. What is the name given to the parliamentary republic established in 1919 in Germany to replace the imperial form of government?
8. Which poem's words are used in Beethoven's famous Symphony No. 9?
9. Cardamom belongs to which plant family?
10. The smallest of the four main islands of Japan is…?
11. How many humps among a dozen normal Bactrian camels?
12. Which country's national airline is Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij?
13. If arranged alphabetically, which murder weapon used in ‘Cluedo' would come last?
14. In which war did Florence Nightingale serve as a nurse?
15. How many times does ‘p' come in the first line of the famous tongue twister about Peter Piper?

Young World Quiz (September 28, 2010)

1. Name the two-time Formula One champion from Finland celebrating his birthday on this date.
2. Which West African country has Conakry as its capital?
3. Under what name did Eric Arthur Blair write?
4. Of the four seas named in English after common colour terms, two are Red and Black. Name the other two.
5. Expand UTC as used in the context of time standard.
6. Which famous band's 12th and final studio album (to be released) was ‘Let It Be'?
7. What is the common name for Rubella?
8. Which of the five dwarf planets has the shortest name?
Massive dam :Spanning the Yangtze
Jack Dorsey : Set the trend.
9. Jack Dorsey is considered the founder of which social networking and microblogging service?
10. What is the term used for the atmospheric boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere?
11. In computer technology, how many bits to a nibble?
12. What is Euclid's famous work on geometry and reasoning called?
13. Name the gigantic dam that spans the Yangtze River by the town of Sandouping in China.
14. What is produced in a resistance of one ohm by a potential difference of one volt?
15. Which airline has the tag-line ‘Your Place In The Sky'?
1. Mika Hakkinen;
2. Republic of Guinea;
3. George Orwell;
4. White and Yellow;
5. Coordinated Universal Time;
6. The Beatles;
7. German measles;
8. Eris;
9. Twitter;
10. Tropopause;
11. Four;
12. ‘The Elements';
13. Three Gorges Dam;
14. A flow of one ampere;
15. Air India.

Fly high : Your place in the sky